Revolutionary Power

Philippe Starck has collaborated with Pramac to design the new line of a Micro Wind Turbines, trademarked as ‘Revolutionair.’ These small wind devices were featured at La Triennale in Milan late last year.

With a playful approach to design, Starck’s designs for these wind contraptions have a sculptural quality and is an expression of his democratic ecology principles. “Today I make it my responsibility to interest myself in the productions of energy,” adds the designer of deluxe objects and dream like architecture.

Touted as suitable for domestic applications and urban area installations as they can operate independent of wind direction, they can harness even turbulent air flows and they are extremely silent in every wind speed condition.

The question is whether European centric design are applicable to dense urban condition of Hong Kong. Perhaps the ornithologists will be happy because these look to be very bird-friendly devices.

Revolutionair wind turbines can be purchased online at the new web-site: