Towering Great Heights

Sydney has the Opera House, Paris her Eiffel Tower and New York the Chrysler Tower, is India Tower going to be Mumbai’s iconic architectural piece.

Well Mumbai’s skyline has not looked so iconic and “green” until American architects FWFowle have decided to design the India Tower.

FWFOWLE’s design for the India Tower centers on creating an iconic residential mixed-use building within India’s emerging new economy. The 301-metre tower is informed by distinctive indoor/outdoor environments and the desire to optimise the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The towers rotated form emerges in response to the buildings functional requirements and its mixed-use program – which changes with each twist of the structure. This circulation pattern separates retail, 5-star Park Hyatt hotel and service apartments and long lease duplex penthouse condominium apartments within a sustainable network of green roofs and hanging gardens; creating a singular, extraordinary building that, when completed, will be the tallest and greenest – building in India.