Stairway to Creative Heaven

I was absolutely fascinated in the delicious nature of an architectural photography website stair porn. stair porn is laden with fantastic images of nothing but stairs. Justin Anthony, who specialises in residential restoration, is the website’s author/editor.

Some of my favourites in stair porn are the art nouveau stairs, steps made out of wooden skateboards , and lastly wooden bookcase stairs. I am not sure if bookcase stairs will work in the Indian context, with the religious connotations of books being a great source of knowledge. The very action of stepping upon books might be considered culturally unacceptable.

Look out for the Victor Horta’s staircase design for Hotel Tassel in Brussels, Belgium* To learn more about Victor Horta and the Art Nouveau movement in Belgium, please visit the Horta Museum website

*Good Karma teaches me not to pinch images.