About Design Stapler

Design Stapler is an architectural writing project that staples and fastens together news-pieces about architecture and design of today.

Design Stapler is a project through which I will be able to showcase my journalistic skills. I aspire to become an architectural journalist. Design Stapler is a comprehensive process of research, writing, proofreading and editing of architectural and design news. The word ‘stapler’ seems an apt choice for a blog title. The basic function of a stapler is to fasten papers together. Staplers have found their use in holding up notices, classifieds and news on a blank board that sits there dumb and unresponsive. My idea is to inject life into an inanimate object like a stapler, collecting and stapling together design issues that affect the spaces in our environment.


the spaces we live in,

the furniture we sit on,

the clothes we wear,

the food (prepared by us) we eat


the air we breathe

the light and darkness we see,

the melody and cacophony we hear

the tangibility and intangibility we feel

the deliciousness and insipidity we taste

the fragrance and stench we smell

the thoughts we think, paint, sing and write……..of course blog.


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  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for adding me to your blog! We have had a really good response from it. We recently updated our website ..and noticed the image links are now broken. Would you like me to email you the actual images? Or else you are welcome tolink back to the new site http://www.bilingual.com.au
    Thanking you in advance

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