Pure White

Dutch product and interior design studio Bo Reudler Studio launched 3 new products as a part of a furniture series bizarrely dubbed Slow White.

First of the three pieces, Slow White mirror is an adjustable, freestanding mirror which stands at 2 m. The frames are made of gathered temperate-forest wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber and finished with a coat of white linseed-oil paint. While Slow White lamp is a crooked free-standing lamp with translucent shade also made of gathered wood.

A hybrid between a sculptural object and perhaps a furniture piece, Golden Television is the last of the three products by Reudler. Appearing to have no apparent function, however Golden Television is “a mobile and wireless television, equipped with a window for watching ‘live’ events, which “change the views as you like or place an object inside to observe it…[with] unlimited channels.”

Reudler claims inspiration from the temperate woods of the Netherlands and approaches designs and the use of natural materials with a Bachelardian sensitivity. Slow white series has derived its principles from the idea that nature’s intricacy, arbitrariness and rawness has been tamed and designers need to renew the human connection to nature.
Website http://www.boreudler.com

Photography credits: Bo Reudler Studio


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