Drawing Out

Doodles to blue plans, mind maps to cartographs and everything in between. 


Drawing is a way to think, communicate and map our transdisciplinary world

….and that’s what’ll be on minds of  illustrious heads who are coming together for the Drawing Out Conference from April 7 to 8 in Melbourne.

Drawing Out is an transdisciplinary conference jointly organised by RMIT University and University of the Arts London. 

From a curious child who holds a crayon to the professional, drawing seems to have a tremendous impact on how we think and influence other people to carry out professional and personal lives. 

Stretching across to trace and Drawing as a modus operandi in a myriad of disciplines – such as physical and virtual drawing; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices; digital schemas; fashion templates; architectural and engineering designs; creative writing; media and communications concepts; cartography and scientific schematics; architectural and mathematical modelling; business and financial mapping; legal, educational and political visualisations.
Key themes around which papers will be addressed in the program are: 

1 – Drawing in / Drawing is a way of thinking
Drawing as second nature: how do we think openly through drawing?
Drawing as a speculative activity.

2 – Drawing out / Drawing is a way of mapping
After drawing: how is drawing an impetus to other practices?
What opportunities exist for new technologies as a way of mapping our world?

3 – Drawing across / Drawing is a way of communicating
Drawing as a part of general literacy and its relationship to numeracy, writing and measurement.
Drawing as a means of transferring information.

Click here to visit Drawing Out website. 

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