No Child’s Play

Unique, charitable and playful are three words to describe the installation design of Italian architect Federico Delrosso dubbed Contaminazioni, featured at the Nhow Hotel in Milan late last year.

The limited edition Contamina Seat is a unit of the installation, whose form is derived from a basic truncated pyramid and found replicated in various finishes, hues and materials such as steel, felt and wood. Functional in both indoor and outdoor environments, also available are matching tables and bookcases. Contamina’s design process has been quite special because Delrosso actually takes design as a serious yet an discovery exercise, similar to what a child does while playing with toys.

Contaminazioni features a total of five chairs representing the cultural heterogeneity of the five continents. The resultant design is an aggregation of void and solid volumes of the chairs, allowing for the creation of three dimensional mazes, particularly fun for children. Delrosso thus explores the playful aspect of Contaminazioni.

Delrosso’s installation elevates itself to become a charity action because several Contaminazioni pieces will be sold and proceedings donated to international charity organisation Save the Children.



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