Living it Up

Living Steel announced winners for its 3rd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing, which called architects to design affordable housing in the wintry town of Cherepovets, Russia.

Australian design firm, Peter Stutchbury Architects, represented by Peter Stutchbury and Richard Smith, was selected as the winner who received the Jury Prize of 50,000 Euros. Two other firms received honourable mentions included Bligh Voller Nield Architecture (BVN), also from Australia and Toronto-based RVTR.

The Wedge with an Edge

Sydney-based Peter Stutchbury Architects proposed a wedge shaped design which features a bank of windows on its taller, southern side to maximise winter sun penetration. The “clear and inventive use of well known and available steel technologies was one of the strategies that impressed the jury. The jury, chaired by Pritzker Prize laureate Glenn Murcutt lauded the design for “representing the kind of thinking the Living Steel competition is meant to inspire, offering a more considered, thoughtful and larger trajectory to the project brief requirements. It is the most memorable of all of the schemes offered in the competition, and the Jury made a 5 to 1 decision to select it as the winning scheme for the 3rd International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing. It is radically different and has a very imaginative understanding of the landscape theme, and the suggested neighbourhood plan provides an incredible play field for children and park-like setting for the community.”

Located on the bank of the Rybinsk Reservoir of the Volga River, Cherepovets experiences a temperature range of -43 to 34 degrees C. The homes constructed from the winning designs will be part of a community for use by employees of Russian steel maker, SeverStal JSC, headquartered in Cherepovets. Living Steel plans to exhibit a completed demonstration building in late 2009.

Jury Prize for extreme housing in Cherepovets, Russia

First Prize Peter Stutchbury Architects, Australia
Honourable Mention RVTR Toronto, Canada
Honourable Mention Bligh Voller Nield (BVN) Architecture, Australia

Architects Prize for Master Planning (Design Charrette)

Daniel Jenkins, ECD Architects, United Kingdom
Lourenço Gimenes, FGMF Arquitetos, Brazil
Pekka Pakkanen, Huttenen-Lipasti-Pakkenen Architects, Finland
Philip Wells, Hugh Broughton Architects, United Kingdom
Fabio Cibinel, modostudio, Italy

Living Steel 2008 by ArchitectureWeek


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