Pioneering Spirit
Photography: Jeff Wells
2006 will see the completion of architect Daniel Libeskind’s extension to the existing Denver Art Museum, originally designed by Italian architect Gio Ponti. The new building is a joint venture between Libeskind and Denver’s Davis Partnership. Inspired by the topography of Colorado, the structure is what Libeskind calls “the dialogue between the boldness of construction and the romanticism of the landscape,’ and will function as a nexus that ties the museum to the downtown urban makeup.

Constructed using local stone and boldly experimenting with innovative materials like titanium, the extension will serve as the main entrance to the whole museum complex and will house the modern and contemporary art collection, architecture and design, as well as oceanic art. The architect further elucidates the building process: “One of the challenges of building the museum is to work closely with and respond to the extraordinary range of transformations in light, colouration, atmospheric effects, temperature and weather conditions unique to this city.”


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