Strictly for Kids
Author and design commentator Melissa Jones’s new publication Interiors for under 5s presents a worldwide range of interiors designed specifically for children. It covers large-scale level public projects such as crèches, restaurants and schools to little intimate designs for bedrooms and play spaces. The book comes as package of eye-catching photography and clean cut drawings, along with detailed project descriptions.

The contents are divided into 4 categories: Learning, Art and Science, Play, Water and Sleep. London’s Tulse Hill Jubliee School and Barcelona’s Swiss School Kindergarten are featured under the Learning category. Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Roald Dahl Gallery and Museum in Buckinghamshire are all part of the Art and Science section. Under the Sleep category, come the Family House in Toronto, Canada and London’s Evelina Children’s Hospital. Interestingly, the Water section features Hull’s The Deep and the Shirokane Preschool in Tokyo, one of the 2 Asian projects presented in the book. The other is the Gruzdien Residence in Hong Kong, which is examined as a Play project. Other spaces that induce playfulness according to Jones, are the Twenty-first Century Treehouse and the Blue Kangaroo Restaurant, both of which are based in London.

It also provides with useful listings containing full contact information of the featured projects. Interiors for Under 5s does stimulate designer parents or at least the design-conscious ones to watch out for inspirational spaces for children to learn, play, sleep and basically have a memorable childhood.


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