Stacking Beauty
The recently completed Swiss bag brand Freitag’s flagship store is the smallest multistory building in Zurich. Designed by local firm Spillmann Echsle architects, it is build to last for five to ten years.

The edifice sits as a pile of cargo containers that are the main building blocks for the building. For more specifics, 17 cargo containers are stacked up, 25m high tower. The brand is displayed in bold on the topmost block, oblivious to the other cargo brands, makes up for value-for-money advertising. No pretentious treatment whatsoever is given to the exterior. The building is accessed by a flanking flight of metallic stairs.

The interior is given a cold industrial look, yet is able to acommodate commercial and storage spaces very elegantly. Neatly stacked up orthogonal cabinets offer the world’s largest selection of individual recycled freewaybags.

The firm’s design to go with using cargo-containers has reflected the Freitag’s design strategies which involve recycling of vehicle parts such as used truck’s hood, bicycle tubes and recycled car seat belts.


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