Sunken Treasures
Set in the rolling Chianti-bearing hills of Bargino on the outskirts of Florence lies the New Cantina Antinori – a wine cellar proposed by Italian architectural firm Studio Archea. The main theatrical gesture of this project is to literally cut two swaths that will function as a usable vineyard roof and wine storage space, visually led out to the Tuscan landscape. The concept behind the partial subterranean edifice is the nature of wine as something organic; born and grown from the earth. The building is entered through a winding ramp that leads to the roof, with circular skylights illuminating underlying spaces.

Horizontal circulation is provided by walkways kept separate from the winery workspaces. The underground barrel rooms and asymmetrical brick vaults are tucked into the land in order to provide a relatively constant temperature and humidity, while the undulating softly lit ceilings of these storage spaces create a great climax to the whole space orchestration. Other components of the winery include an auditorium, a library, a day-care centre and a restaurant, which should all be open by early 2007.


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